Falling Down

June 16-18


Boneyfiddle Fringe Festival is a multi-day festival that celebrates and amplifies the performing arts in beautiful Portsmouth, Ohio. The festival features visual and performance artists, dancers, musicians, film, artistic process lectures, interactive exhibits and much more.

Calendar of Events is scheduled to change

Thursday June 16

Open House, rehearsals, and public Q&A with artists. Festival pass holders are welcome to walk through the spaces talk to artists and be a part of the creative process with community art, music, and movement projects

5:00pm Theater opens to the Public


5:00pm Artist in Residence: Tipton Woodworking

presented in the Appleton Gallery


5:30pm Fringe Yoga Class with Tina Chabot

free to FringePass holders or $12 ticket

6:30pm Community Art and Dance Project

free to FringePass holders or $12 ticket

7:30pm Opening Evening Reception in the grand Lobby of the VRCFA

free to FringePass holders or $12 Ticket

Friday June 17

All events are included in the 3 Day Pass. Single Events Tickets $12.00

5:00pm Music Concert on the Main Stage

Featured Artists: TR Beery, Olivia Kieffer, Mickie Wadsworth, Danny Clay

6:00pm Film Presentation: Peerless City

7:00pm Artist Lecture: Ronnie Williams of the Portsmouth Street Art Project

8:00pm Short Film Festival

Saturday June 18

All Performance events are included in the 3 Day Pass. Single Events Tickets $12.00

12:00-6pm Grand Lobby Art (No ticket required)

Local artisans presenting handcrafted art in the VRCFA Grand Lobby

Master Class Series


DIY Electronics: Making Noise on a Budget w/TR Beery $10.00

Perfect for aspiring musicians 14 years and older.
Take a trip to the world of noise via the local junk bin, pawn shop, or thrift store. Learn how to use common objects to make uncommon sounds. Gain insight into making electronic noises with broken, cheap, or DIY gear. Explore techniques used by noise/experimental artists and sound designers to find creative and unique sonic landscapes. Warning: it's going to be fringe.


Jazz Fusion with Robin Riner $10.00

This class draws from a variety of classic jazz techniques, combining them with modern and contemporary movement patterns to allow dancers to find their own unique musicality and style. The class will lead dancers through technique and warm-up exercises designed to teach safe movement patterns that will build strength, encourage proper alignment, and focus on grounding into the floor and isolation. Dancers will then learn phrase work to contemporary music that celebrates rhythm, quality of movement, and feeling


Modern-Contemporary with Heather Looney $10.00

A combination of classical modern techniques with a contemporary flare including a warm up based on Cunningham and Limon exercises followed by larger more eclectic contemporary across the floor and center combinations. Open to intermediate/advanced dancers 14yrs through adult

5:30pm Dance Concert

Featured Artists: Bone & Fiddle Arts Collective, Nora Augenstein, Robin Riner and Dancers, Kenzie Buchanan, Soup Productions, Ashley Mott

7:00pm Music Concert

Featured Artists: Allen Otte, Michael Barnhart, Robert McClure

8:00pm Artist Mixer and Closing Party @ Port City Pub